Anna Baignoche's music.... a sophisticated blend of world beats and contemporary sounds. Sung in Spanish, Portuguese and English, her fourth album, Becoming, takes us on a global journey navigating the emotional interplay between our relationship with the earth and our love of innovation.

Well-known Vancouver producer/engineer/musician Michael Simpsonelli plays a key role on this album, having worked closely with Anna over the past few years to achieve an inspired balance of electronic sounds with Anna’s earthy blend of Latin Jazz, country music and world beats.

Throughout the creation process of Becoming, Baignoche was supported by top players and technicians in Vancouver who performed on the album, and for the sold-out album launch on October 21st at the Museum of Vancouver.  Here is the album release show line-up:

Michael Simpsonelli -guitar (CR Avery)

Stephen Nikleva -guitar (Ferron, Mae Moore, Sarah McLachlan, Petunia)

Simon Kendall -piano/accordion (Doug and the Slugs)

Niho Takase -piano (Mazacote)

Michel Bruyere -drum kit (Buffy St. Marie)

Johnny Walsh - Bass (Brasstronaut, Dan Mangan)

Malcolm Aiken -trumpet (Mazacote) 

Elliot Vaughan –viola (The End Tree)

Martin Reisle –cello (Maria in the Shower, The End Tree)

Baignoche’s multi-layered song-writing skills and ease of musicianship are the product of a life-long quest that has taken her from her home in the semi-arid interior of British Columbia to living, studying, writing and performing in Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey. She has been featured by CBC’s Studio 1 Mother Tongue series, has performed at major festivals across Canada, and has a strong and growing regional following in Western Canada.  She holds a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology, and is a fierce advocate of culturally inclusive music education for youth.